Trinity Marker

The Gatekeeper Within: a collaborative exhibition by contemporary Lincolnshire artists Lind Anso, Nicki Jarvis, Michael Sanders, Jason Wilsher-Mills and Malcolm Tait. The work Trinity Marker, which can be seen at the Embassy Gallery, was first shown in the exhibition TRINITY La Jornada Del Muerto in 2005 at The Horse Hospital in London. The exhibition was …

Beacon Bimonthlies

Opening the bimonthly event was Lincolnshire based artist Michael Sanders, winner of the 2011 ‘Opem’ exhibition at the Collection Gallery, Lincoln. Sanders, dressed in a flamboyant tailor- made suit, courtesy of Trevor Lewis, a Lincolnshire dressmaker, began his presentation of his politically influenced work.

San Diego UT -review

The stark pictures found in “Ruin” reflect the creative benefits of working with primitive cameras when artists have faith in their talents and the courage to follow their instincts about the art-making process as a method for asking questions for our uncertain times.