Michael Sanders

The nuclear age and its lasting effects on the landscape fascinate me. I try to picture the world as a future archaeologist might interpret it, sifting through the jumbled layers of conflict and habitation



Sculptor and photographer Michael Sanders is a UK based artist working from a former military airfield in Lincolnshire, England. His practice often subverts the everyday: as the blundering nuclear tourist he makes gentle interventions at former Cold War and nuclear sites, using tartan and textiles to challenge and re-appropriate the imagery and symbolism of military power and technology.

My work in engineering has given me a particular insight into the good and bad sides of technology, a prominent theme throughout my artistic practice.

Michael’s work has been shown in Cuba, Europe and the USA, including Cobra 1.7 – Cobra Res, 71a Gallery, London, A Focus For Memory – The Collection and Usher Gallery, Lincoln, Subversive Design – Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, ‘The Receiving End‘, a site specific performance at RAF Wainfleet Air Weapons Range during the SEAS Festival in 2009, and ‘Ruin – An investigation into future archaeology‘, a collaborative exhibition with Walter Cotten at the Kruglak Gallery, Oceanside, California in 2008.

Polaris Tartan Suit – apparel for a nuclear tourist.
Photograph by Paul Redmond.

He was featured in ‘Target Practice‘, a programme for BBC Radio4 made in collaboration with producer Kate Burningham, on location at RAF Holbeach, a bombing range on the Lincolnshire Wash that is used by British, American and European squadrons for training purposes.

In 2011 he was awarded the OPEM Purchase/Commission Prize sponsored by the Heslam Trust.

He is currently developing a range of mildly seditious products using his own brand Drone County.

Nuclear Train


Trinity Marker

The Gatekeeper Within: a collaborative exhibition by contemporary Lincolnshire artists Lind Anso, Nicki Jarvis, Michael Sanders, Jason Wilsher-Mills and Malcolm Tait. The work Trinity Marker, which can be seen at the Embassy Gallery, was first shown in the exhibition TRINITY La Jornada Del Muerto in 2005 at The Horse Hospital in London. The exhibition was …

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